Zoom Ikat embroidered red kaftan

Ikat embroidered red kaftan


This beautiful cotton maxi duster over all by Yashu e Prem belongs to our collection of Uzbek inspired pieces made in Ikat dye (IKat is a traditional dyeing technique used to pattern textiles that employs resist dyeing on the yarns prior to dyeing and weaving the fabric creating stunning and colourful abstract effects) the entire piece is lined in a beautiful floral pattern and it is reversible ! it doesn't have pockets.
The coat length is 1,40 cm. Size is One size, ideal for a medium to large person, if you are Xs this piece will be too big for you.

The colours are not chemical so it is advisable to do dry clean wash, the sleeves are long ideal for the evening chill, wear over naked skin indoors or ourdoors !
It is a one of a kind piece !

No pockets!


Since we are a small brand with a small stock and limited collection we cannot afford to act like big online brands, think twice if you really need to buy another dress, if it will fit you or be of happiness to your life, we cant do full refund on purchased goods! if you decide or change your mind over your purchase we wont be able to give you a full refund but only 50% of the amount to cover the cost of our packing, preparing and shipping !

Thanks for understanding !

Ikat embroidered red kaftan



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