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Venus la petit


With its beautiful soft and wave shape, Venus is one of the most exquisite bags from Benedetta Bruzziches collection !

Exclusively available at yashuepremboutique and now also here at yashueprem.com.

A chain of sparkling lilac, pink and diamond like cristals are all enterely hand stitched, making this handbag turn into a stunning jewel. It is lined in satin silk with the necessary space needed for a night out .


Since we are a small brand with a small stock and limited collection we cannot afford to act like big online brands, think twice if you really need to buy another dress, if it will fit you or be of happiness to your life, we cant do full refund on purchased goods! if you decide or change your mind over your purchase we wont be able to give you a full refund but only 50% of the amount to cover the cost of our packing, preparing and shipping !

Thanks for understanding !

Venus la petit



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