Our Perfume collection by Yashu e Prem

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To celebrate our union few years ago we asked Caterina ( the expert perfumier of Farmacia del Castello-Italy) to create a fragance for us ! It took 3 years to finalise what has become our main perfume, the one and only who reflects the spirit and the experiences of both of us !

Yashu’ s mediterranean origins and Prem exotic roots are here combined in an oriental blend of woods, spices, flowers and roses, with a heart of deep exotisme !

Our parfum is Sold exclusively in our boutique and here in our website !

There are three variants all unisex, all Eau de Parfum.

-"Yashu e Prem” eau de parfum, a pout puri of Bulgarian roses, incense, and warm tuberose an early morning in a garden in Tuscany

-"Prem” eau de parfum, wood and cedrus resine, bergamot, bitter orange and sandal wood, a walk at sunset into the deepest and darkest forest 

-"Yashu" eau de parfum, white flowers at the edge of the Pichola lake in Rajastan, a touch of vanilla and aud wood. 

Available only in 100ml