Dreaming of Bhutan

the land of the thunder dragon

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In this collection, tradition meets modernity, as timeless hand printed textiles and craftsmanship harmonize with contemporary silhouettes and designs. Rich embroideries patterns and hues mirror the vibrant prayer flags that dance in the Himalayan breeze, creating garments that resonate with both heritage and innovation.

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Yashu & Prem have an ethnic, dynamic, feminine and very colourful style, inspired by the folk traditions and embroidery techniques around the world.  
Most of their creations are limited editions, custom made.
They strongly believe in tailoring, eco-minded textile production and work hard to invest their capital in giving a better life to their collaborators.

This shop is a global platform for luxury handmade pieces.


Via Torres 3-5
07026 San Pantaleo. Sardinia (Italy)

Open only from April till October :

10am - 13pm / 17pm - 21pm



Yashu worked in fashion from a very young age in a stitching unit of Valentino where she developed her passion for fashion and skills for making her own collection, which she actually started under the label “Yashu” from 1989.


Prem graduated in Foundation Studies in Art & Design in London where he worked as a color specialist for Christian Dior. In 1998 they decided to open their first showroom by invitation only in the hippie coast of India: Goa.

The boutique

Right after their wedding in 2007 they open “Yashu e Prem” Boutique in San Pantaleo, a small town of artists in the hills of La Costa Smeralda, Italy.

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